Hawaii Cruise

Hawaii Cruise

Hawaii More than 2000 miles from the nearest major land mass, the Hawaiian Islands form the most isolated group of islands in the world. Palm-fringed beaches, tropical sunsets, Polynesian luau's, glowing volcanoes . . . there's something for everyone in Hawaii.

Hawaiian cruises are the ultimate "island-hopping" adventures, affordably taking you from one tropical Hawaiian Island to another while experiencing the best Hawaii has to offer

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing the wonders of nature in Hawaii? From the lush rain forests to the spectacular waterfalls and breathtaking beaches, Hawaii cruises are the best way to discover the wide variety of natural beauty that can only be seen with a Hawaii cruise vacation. We offer Hawaii cruises of various lengths on a variety of cruise lines. Then give our cruise experts a call. We will find you the right ship at the right price. Don't forget to ask for our Hawaii cruise deals. Our job is to find you the best cruise deals to the best destinations all over the world.

They say it all happened when volcanoes rose from the sea. Soon, trade winds scattered the seeds that grew into incredible flowers, bamboo and fragrant papaya.

Today, come to Hawhyee for the unexplainable, the utterly magical, and find bright anthuriums growing wild, volcanic peaks soaring to 14,000 feet and vibrant poinsettias when it isn't even the holidays.

For all their similarity, each island has its own distinct personality. Like Hawaii, the big island, with Kilauea's crater where some say Pele, the fire goddess, lives. Maui, with remote swimming spots so beautiful, they were once reserved solely for Hawaiian royalty. And Honolulu, where the cliffs and waterfalls are often visited by spectacular rainbows.

Yet there is one thing that all of these islands hold in common. It's called 'aloha,' the spirit of welcoming.

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